Bathroom blues

Perhaps the room most often ‘done up’, after the ‘new kitchen’, is the bathroom. Ours it seems, the legacy of a former owner’s good taste and clever design of some 25 years ago, is soon for the chop.

I wonder why: the taps don’t leak, the toilet still flushes (well, usually) and the shower dispenses copious amounts of hot water. So what’s the problem? ‘Oh dear, where to start?’ my wife protests.

We’re now in the detail planning phase. ‘I’ve always wanted a laundry chute,’ she adds. And so began a web crawl that led to the best advertising copy writing I have seen in ages.

Giving you more time today – the laundry chute way

Take one laundry chute, add generous amounts of laundry… wash down with a cup of coffee

Effortlessly delivering dirty laundry to the washing machine in a single drop – eliminating hassle as well as potential hazard and making more time in your day to enjoy more things you love to do

Because what comes down must go up... choose your perfect laundry partner – choose a LAUNDRY LIFT

Er, I don’t think so. But perhaps our little project might resuscitate Britain’s ailing £90bn construction industry.

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