Ripples welcomes writers

In our summer editions we are launching a new section for local writers who would like to see their work published in print and on the Web at Rippling Yarns begins in our July/August editions.

Ian Westlake of Fairford’s U3A Creative Writing group has got the wagon rolling:

In the deep seated world of Betterton's Close

In what was the west edge of Fairford

A local group of budding writers sat.

Writers block?  What should they do next?

One from East End got her Ripples out

And with a flourish, slapped it down.

'We could do something for that' she said.


The group was struck dumb and

A long silence followed, except for the sound

Of distant mixers, drills and hammers.

'They want creative writers in two weeks'

No one spoke. They stared out of the window.


A crane swung a load of half brick fears

And dumped them out of sight.



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